For our love for fiction. ♥️
This book club is an effort to revive that love, and to structure an escape from our realities. ​

📖 A new read every fortnight.
We announce a new read every fortnight and we at the end of the month to discuss those reads.

So choose your pace and get your read-on!! 😊

🔤 of FBC!

☀️We read two books a month. One could say one every fortnight.

📣 Every read is from a different genre so that we get to read variety and everyone’s interest gets met.

🗓️ We hold meets monthly to discuss those Read 1 & Read 2 of months.

🗳️ While the genres are pre-decided, everybody gets to nominate a read & then cast their votes.

🔎 Frequently Asked Questions 🥤

You: I can’t read one book in 14 days. And 2 books in a month.
FBC: That’s completely okay. 👌 There’s no compulsion to read, firstly, secondly, we announce both the books in the beginning of the month, so you can decide which of the two you can read and take a month to read it, at your own pace.

You: Do I have to read the book to attend the meetings or finish it.
FBC: No! You can attend the book even if do not finish reading the book. Although, a discussion on the book will take place & if you’re okay with spoilers 👀, we’re okay with having you! Yay!!

You: Can I suggest a Read, a Genre!?
FBC: Yes, you very much can. Suggest either or both here. 🎩

You: Do I have to RSVP, tell anyone I’m joining a particular meet?
FBC: Once you’ve joined the FBC! Mailing List, we mail you with the login details and meeting times. You don’t need to tell anyone, nor RSVP for the event. You just need to show up. 😊

You: How would I get to know when’s the meet? or which book are we reading?
FBC: There are three ways to do so, Mailing List, Meetup App, or Instagram. We suggest the Mailing List. Once you’ve filled the Join FBC! form, we will keep you in the loop.➿

Stay updated ☝️
Best way to keep in touch with our announcements, voting, and general updates:

Mailing List.

Meetup App. (@fictionalbookclubindia)

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